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Key Features

- Detachable diffuser module.

- Solution for different lighting conditions for event photography.

- Button on strap mounting system.

- Can be used as an on-board or off-camera diffuser flash modifier.

- Bounce light with front fill-in feature.

- Come with nutuer and warm colour diffuser.

- Lightweight and folds flats.

- Very low light loss of only 1/3-1/2 stops.



- To achieve different kind of soft lighting for various situations.

- To be used on an individual flash for on-board or off-camera photography.


Dimension (cm)

- Assembled W16 x H11.5 x D10

- Fold Flat W23 x H10.5 x D1.5

- Weight ~78g



- 1 unit Event 16

- 1 unit Diffuser

- 1 unit Warm Diffuser

- 1 pc Mount S or L

- 1 pc user manual

Event 16

Mount Size